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Apr. 10 - 5th Grade Stone Mountain Learning Expedition

Apr. 15 -  4th Grade Ag Celebration Learning Expedition 

Apr. 24 - 2nd Grade Learning Expedition

Georgia Milestones Testing Schedule

April 16 Day 1: ELA Part 1 and 2,  Grade 4 and 5

April 17 Day 2: ELA Part 3,  Grade 4 and 5

April 20 Day 3: Math Part 1 and 2,  Grade 4 and 5

April 21 Day 4: Science Part 1 and 2,  Grade 4 and 5

April 22 Day 5: Social Studies Part 1 and 2,  Grade 4 and 5

April 23 Day 6: ELA Part 1 and 2, Grade 3

April 24 Day 7: ELA Part 3,  Grade 3

April 27 Day 8: Math Part 1 and 2,  Grade 3

April 28 Day 9: Science Part 1 and 2,  Grade 3

April 29 Day 10: Social Studies Part 1 and 2,  Grade 3

April 30 Day 11: Make up 


May 1st - Reading and Running Rendezvous

May 4th - Millionaire's Club Day

May 5th - Kindergarten Learning Expedition to Washington Farms

May 5th - 4th and 5th Olympic Day 

May 7 and 8 - Field Days

May 11th - 1st Grade Learning Expedition, FCHS Fairytale Drama

May 13th - Awards Day

May 14th - 5th Grade Promotion

May 14th - Students' last day of school for this year!

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Free iPad Apps for Virtual Field Trips   
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Join us in supporting reading BEFORE school!

RES AR Totals   
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