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Counselor's Corner

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As the Royston Elementary School counselor, it is my pleasure to work with the students, parents, Franklin County school personnel and community.
My goals for RES students include:

* Establishing the school counseling program as an integral component of the academic mission of the school.
* Ensuring every student has equitable access to the school counseling program.
* Identifying and delivering the knowledge and skills all students should acquire.
* Ensuring that the school counseling program is comprehensive in design and is delivered systematically to all students.

Specific Delivery System:

* Guidance Curriculum: Structured classroom lessons to provide students with knowledge and skills.
* Individual Counseling: Helping students establish personal goals, discuss difficulties, solutions and future plans.
* Responsive Services: Meeting students' immediate needs that require counseling, consultation, referral, peer helping or information.
* Group Counseling: Helping to fulfill students' needs within a peer setting to create understanding and assistance.
* Using data to effect change within the school system and to ensure every student receives the benefits of the school counseling program.

Additional Services:

Parent Lending Library –
Parents may check-out math flash cards, flip charts, books, games, puzzles, recorded stories, hand-held white boards, etc. Free pamphlets are available on these topics:
Getting Organized for Schoolwork and Homework
25 Ways Parents Can Read With Children
25 Ways Parents Can Build Responsibility in Children
Studying for and Taking Tests
Helping Children Learn to Resolve Conflicts
Building Respect for Rules, Authority and Other People
Remember You Are the Parent and You Are In Charge
Help Students With Science, Vocabulary, Writing, Math, Social Studies, etc.
Seven Habits of Highly Responsible Students
Helping Students Learn Self-Discipline

Attendance Monitor:
Contact with parents and students to inform them of the Franklin County School System Attendance Policy, facilitate Attendance Support Team meetings and follow-ups based on meeting the Royston Elementary School Improvement Plan Goal of overall improved attendance.