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Volunteer Compliance Training
Posted On:
Sunday, August 03, 2014
New Volunteer Requirements

In order to comply with the new Georgia Mandated Reporter Law all employees, or volunteers, of an organizaion that "provides care, treatment, education, training, supervision, coaching, counseling, recreational programs, or shelter to children" must complete these training requirements.

A person is considered a volunteer after their third visit to a school to volunteer for any purpose, or when chaperoning students on a field trip. BEFORE the fourth visit or a field trip, volunteers must complete the "Mandated Reporting" module through the Compliance Director online training site.  THis can be completed at home or at the Board of Education office.  

Upon completion of this online training you will receive e-mail confirmation.  Please present this email to the secretary or administator of the school in which you volunteer so you may be placed on the approved volunteer list. 


1. Enter the following web address in your browser:

2. Click on "Georgia."

3. Under current Modules click: "Mandated Reporting."

4. Log into the Madated Roprting Module using the following username and password:

      Username: pioneer

      Password: resa

      Click: "next" to proceed.

5. Read the module information and answer questions.

6. When you have successfully completed the module a screen will appear asking you to choose your school system.  Click on "Franklin County"

7. You will be prompted to login to register completion of this specific module.  The username and password below will allow you to successfully register thus creating a legal record that you have taken the training.  (enter exactly as written below).

     * Your system registration username is: Franklin County

     * You system registration password is: Paper

8. Enter your personal information. (Including your DOB, last 4 digits of your SSN, school location and e-mail address) Click "Next."  You will receive an e-mail notification of successful completion.

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